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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas… November 27, 2011

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This morning was JAFFA Sunday – the Sunday School presentation. They told the Christmas story using a parachute and a few costumes. I really appreciate the Sunday School teachers ability to have maximum impact with minimum memorisation by the kids (not taking over the entire term of lessons is really important to me for the presentation).

This (of course!) got me (further) into the Christmas spirit. We had a family(ish) lunch – 9 of us (7 were missing) – lasagne and rissotto, garlic bread and salad. Then was the obligatory downtime (nap for others, knitting for me) while watching Dudley Doright. Matt and I then came home, and I had a surge of enthusiasm. To set up the Christmas tree. Yes, I know it is only the 27th November, but considering we have our street Christmas tree on Thursday evening (1st December) and are busy this weekend, today was the day.

So I braved the spiders (the ones with eight legs, not the cat) under the house and retrieved the box that held the Christmas tree, together with the three crates of decorations, the nativity scene box and the star light window decoration. I tried to send the dogs in infront of me to clear the spiders webs, but it didn’t really work.

Inside we came, the tree was unpacked and set up, the Spirit of Christmas CD started, and then the decorating began. This year we have gone with hot pink and lime green. Yes. Very Christmas-y. There are accents of silver around the house, and there will be silver tinsel (when we buy some – the old stuff had too much sticky-tape on it to try and make it work) on all of the window pelmets.Christmas tree 2011

I have two Christmas presents left to purchase for family, and they are both planned, just need purchasing. I have two Kris Kringle gifts to get for work, and they are both planned also.

And for my sister-in-law overseas:


It has to go in the mail next week, but for now it is under the tree!



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Well, welcome!

I figure that I read blogs daily (at least daily), and although I usually remain anon, it is time that I de-lurk a little and start writing about us, and what is going on. That and it will help my sister-in-law living abroad for a couple of years to keep up with “home” news.

So. About me (and us). I am Kylie, married to Matthew. We got married just shy of 14 months ago, surrounded by our fabulous family and friends. I work at the local public hospital in an administration role, and my husband works at a locally owned hardware store as a storeman. He is also in the Army Reserves in the catering core. I do very little cooking at home (at least not main meals!).

I have one sister and brother-in-law, and Matt has two sisters, one brother, one sister-in-law and one brother-in-law. We have two neices and five nephews. Another neice is not too far away!

We have two beagle dogs – Bella (the mum) and Dyson (the daughter – she was one of seven), and a cat (Spider).

We are Christians, and we attend one of the local Baptist Churches. We go to a home group (Homies) with most of the other young adults from our Church.

We attempt to do grocery shopping and cooking for a month (with varying sucess). I just thought you should know that.

Alright. That will do for now. Mainly because I can’t think of anything else relevant (or not) or interesting (or not).