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What a Weekend! December 18, 2011

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Wow! What a weekend!! Busy, not not planned busy.

Friday night we had planned to go out to friends out at Creswick for Matt to do some more joinery on a project he has been working on for them. But when he went home from work sick late morning, the plan for the evening went out the window. I still went out just after work to give their 5 year old her birthday gift, a ballet pencil case and colouring-in pages that she loved.

A quiet evening followed – steak sandwiches for dinner. All good.

An early wake up (not on purpose) on Saturday morning, followed by a lazy morning. Left the house around 11.30ish, went down town, had lunch out (white bread sandwich with hot roast beef, gravy, cheese, tomato and lettuce – yum!!). We then went to the Stewart’s (via the house they have been staying in town at)… Spur of the moment decision to go to Ikea (Selina & I anyway), got back to their house 6 hours later. I spent less than $20!! Home. Sleep.

This morning was Wendouree Baptist Church’s family Christmas service. Matt was singing in the choir, and I was playing (a poor imitation at hitting the right notes, anyway!). Went to the Village for lunch (another sandwich the same as yesterday – it is my favourite sandwich filling combination!), caught up with Al & Cel, went to Kmart and did two wishing tree gifts (hopefully the toys that didn’t fit in the bags don’t get separated – the lovely checkout assistant sticky taped them as best as possible!). Dropped Cel home. Half hour nap. Tupperware team end of year break up. Bunnings. Post office (finally got my parents and my sister & her partner’s gifts into the post!). Phone conversation with my parents. Visit to Matt’s parents. And here we are. Matt and Mum are cooking dinner, and I am writing this on my phone with some kitchen show on in the background. I’m tired.

Back to work tomorrow, 5 work days to go until Christmas (& public holidays – I am on-call Fri-Tues inclusive).

Looking forward to:
Kitch-mas with the Stewart’s and Sanders next Saturday
Sleep ins on the public holidays

Alright, now I am getting frustrated with typing on my phone (that isn’t keeping up with my thought pattern).