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Big News January 29, 2012

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So my England-based sister-in-law sent me a facebook message the other day telling me that it had been more than 5 weeks since I had written a blog post, and it was about time that I write again. My response to her that it was hard to write about other news when there is something exciting going on, something that the husband wouldn’t let me share until now…

Yep, that’s a little Grub in that photo of my tum at just over 8 weeks. This baby should be making its entrance late August.


So far I have had a reasonably healthy pregnancy. Earlier this afternoon I would have told you that I only vomit on Fridays, but having tasted my dinner twice, that is no longer true (and I was really enjoying my chicken salad – just not enjoying it enough to want to taste it twice). Nausea has been daily since about 6 and a half weeks, and prior to that (from about week 3 and a half) there was heartburn instead (which I discovered that having too many Fruit Tingles for upsets my fructose malabsorption). I am really craving a ham and tomato sandwich, and tomato and cheese sandwiches aren’t quite cutting it as a substitute. I am repulsed by the thought of takeaway (having just been on a driving holiday for a week -this made life a little interesting), but bread is a great thing. Sleep isn’t occuring enough – it is already rather difficult to roll over in the middle of the night – I wake up every time. Sleeping during the day is rather easy though. My nose has been running like a tap today – not sure if that is because I am returning to work after holidays tomorrow, or my immunity has dropped.


Over the last week we were able to go and celebrate the engagement of one of my friends in Wagga, which fitted really well with a visit to my parents (Mimi and Pa!), and then we went with them to Leura to visit one of Mum’s cousins and her family, and Matt and I took a day trip from their place to visit Simon & Esther and meet our (then) one week old neice, Elizabeth Faith. She was a very good girl and didn’t vomit at all during our visit. Simon managed to cut the end off his finger whilst cooking dinner/dessert with Matt, but no hospital trip was required.

The neice and the bandaged finger.


So that’s the catch up with us. Only a matter of a few hours before we face work again… Holidays never last long enough!!