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Cheeky Cheeky Child April 10, 2012

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At just over 20 weeks gestation, I can tell that this child is going to be a cheeky little one…

It was hiding from the doctor at the antenatal clinic this morning when she was trying to find the heartbeat… After about 8 minutes of searching with the doppler, the doctor gave up and did an ultrasound…

Last Thursday we had the 20 week scan that measures for various conditions (eg cleft palate) and makes sure growth is on track. This scan (if bub is in the right position!) is also when you can find out the sex. Our cheeky child wants to leave us in suspense – it kept its legs very close together, and wasn’t parting them for anything!

Grubby wiggles all day long, but the moment that I go to bed, it seems to think that that is the perfect moment to show off its acrobatic skills… I am sure that it isn’t just punching or kicking my insides at this point – there are enough basically continuous movements to make me think it has prematurely joined the circus…

I know, my mother will tell me that it is just me getting my own back, but really Grubby, do you think you might be able to tone down on the cheeky factor just a little?