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I’m a silly duffer!! June 13, 2012

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Why didn’t I think last night to look for a WordPress app so I could upload the photos (which were taken on my phone – I emailed them to the laptop last night)?!

The only down side is I can only figure out how to publish one photo per post. Sorry.

And about the Thomas fabric – I have googled. The one I really really like is out of stock. I think I might try looking at the quilting shops up on Victoria St (there are 2 that I can think of) to see if they have any. Might be a long shot though. Otherwise wait until we next go to Melbourne.


Attempt 3 at Art Thingos – Outside

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Just so you can see it is pink with snails.

This baby can come now – I’ve found a template that I’m happy with.


Attempt 3 at Art Thingos – inside

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Wider elastic, and just 2 press studs.


Attempt 2 at Art Thingos

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Pattern altered, elastic added and press studs instead of ribbon.


Attempt 1 at Art Thingos

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Dummy clips

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The blue is the grosgrain ribbon, and therefore double sided. The pink (while it looks very cute IMHO) is only one sided.


Sew on and Sew on June 12, 2012

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So early May, we purchased a sewing machine. For anyone who knew me in high school (especially), this would be a rather surprising fact. Let’s not talk about the frog that took me over 12 hours to sew (12 hours is being generous) in year 7. Or how I killed my Mum’s sewing machine by altering the tension. Yeah. Sewing machines and I don’t mix well.


So the first few hours after we purchased the machine, there was excitement, and what’s more: success! (ish). I sewed a template skirt out of the white fabric we have metres and metres of from our wedding. It’s not wearable, but it makes for a good template. Plans were made to sew an actual skirt (complete with a belly band – maternity clothes are so expensive!) but then there was an unplanned trip to NSW that put plans on hold for a week. There was one skirt made (wearable!) and then another! Two successful projects – both wearable, even in public!


Two weeks went past with the sewing machine just sitting still on the dining table. Then over the last weekend, inspiration struck, and resources purchased.


Project 1: Dummy Clips. Completely successful right from the word go! I am waiting on some more clips to come from Hong Kong (eBay had them 25 for less than $5, Spotlight stock them 2 for $7-$8. Yeah.) and I have some grosgrain ribbon (slightly more successful, and is a thicker/stronger ribbon) ready to go – all in very girly colours for my niece.


Project 2: Art Folders/Crayon Cases/Drawing Things. I had seen these months and months ago while googling, and had instantly dismissed them because I can’t sew (or couldn’t sew). But with the success of the skirts, I re-thought that instant dismissal, and decided to give them an attempt. Or three.


The third attempt is actually a Christmas gift for another niece (anything girly goes – and she likes snails – or at least used to, I am pretty sure that she still does).


Let’s not talk about the dummy bag that was a dismal failure, but that’s okay, because I have found another tutorial/pattern (that is 11 pages long, complete with coloured pictures) that I am going to attempt, and am hoping for a little more success. Unfortunately the failure of the first bag does mean that I have run out of the fabric I was wanting to use (the pink/purple/white/green/blue/red stripes) but that’s alright. I know where I got it from, and know that they have more. 🙂


So with another 7 (at least) art thingies to make (I want to find some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric for the youngest nephew – any ideas where to source it?), I better not lose momentum!


And I’m really rather grumpy with WordPress because it won’t upload any photos. Hmph. I’ll try again another day.