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Waiting… Still waiting… August 25, 2012

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I don’t do stand-by mode very well. Not well at all. And seeing that I was basically convinced that this baby was going to grace us with its presence early rather than late, it’s been a long couple of weeks.

Sleeping medications (Temazepam and Panadeine Forte) aren’t sustaining through the night, so the doctors plans to get my body back into a normal sleeping pattern before Grubby arrives are failing.

The heartburn has been incredible over the last week or so. Because of the fructose malabsorption, I can’t use any of the antacids on the market, or take anything that “fizzes” with stomach acid (like Enoz etc). Yesterday morning I asked M to pick up a few things from the supermarket before he went to work (I may have been craving avocado – he picked a really good one too!) and added chocolate milk to the list (being careful of the ingredients because of fructose). I may have drunk the full 2L of chocolate milk over about 12 hours… But I had extremely minimal heartburn!! Brilliant outcome! Grubby certainly got sufficient calcium yesterday!

But yeah, that’s about all that life is up to at the moment – playing the waiting game. We have plans to go garage sale-ing in a few hours once it is acceptable to be awake. And until that moment, I might browse pinterest. Or something equally unproductive.