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Waiting… Still waiting… August 25, 2012

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I don’t do stand-by mode very well. Not well at all. And seeing that I was basically convinced that this baby was going to grace us with its presence early rather than late, it’s been a long couple of weeks.

Sleeping medications (Temazepam and Panadeine Forte) aren’t sustaining through the night, so the doctors plans to get my body back into a normal sleeping pattern before Grubby arrives are failing.

The heartburn has been incredible over the last week or so. Because of the fructose malabsorption, I can’t use any of the antacids on the market, or take anything that “fizzes” with stomach acid (like Enoz etc). Yesterday morning I asked M to pick up a few things from the supermarket before he went to work (I may have been craving avocado – he picked a really good one too!) and added chocolate milk to the list (being careful of the ingredients because of fructose). I may have drunk the full 2L of chocolate milk over about 12 hours… But I had extremely minimal heartburn!! Brilliant outcome! Grubby certainly got sufficient calcium yesterday!

But yeah, that’s about all that life is up to at the moment – playing the waiting game. We have plans to go garage sale-ing in a few hours once it is acceptable to be awake. And until that moment, I might browse pinterest. Or something equally unproductive.


One Response to “Waiting… Still waiting…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Can you access You need to sign up to do so–it’s free though. Feel free to browse for cute baby knitted/crocheted items and send links of your favourites to me or Tammy or Esther. You may just get some of them. And you can check if I’m online as your nights are my days. This next week for me I’ll have lots to do but I’ll be online more during the day as well. Hope it all happens soon enough though so the waiting isn’t much longer.

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