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The wait is over!! September 8, 2012

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So, just a few hours after I published the last post, the baby decided that she might like to moesy on out to the real world. I’m not going to go into heaps of detail (for the sake of pregnant women and future mums that might read), but a summary.

Waters broke at 0730 (lying in bed). Didn’t gush, so was a little unsure of what was going on. Went to the loo as Matt jumped in the shower. “Ah, Hun, that noise… That’s not urine…” Because I had tested positive to GBS (Group B Strep) a few weeks before, we had to get to the hospital soonishly. Rang labour ward to let them know, asked if I could have breakfast, and they said yep, so breakfast (fresh pineapple) was had.

Arrived at the hospital, the registrar confirmed that my waters had indeed broken, but everything looked really good. Was 1-2cm dilated, but not very effaced. Cannula was inserted, bloodwork taken and moved into the delivery room. At about 1000hrs, Syntocin was started (IV medication used to induce labour) as I hadn’t started contracting naturally yet. I was able to deal with the initial dose of the Syntocin quite well – yes, painful, but not unbearable. I wasn’t able to complete the game of Rummy-o that Matt and I had started though.

At about 1230hrs, the dosage was bumped up, and I jumped into the shower for pain relief. Only thing was that the contractions were happening back-to-back with no recovery time between. New midwife came on duty and told me that she wasn’t into cruel and unusual punishment, and that I needed more effective pain relief (I was attempting to scream the roof down). Another check was done – 2cm dilated, further effeaced, but still a while to go. The anaesthetic team was called up and an epidural put in. I had decided that I didn’t desire an epidural, but had also decided that if the midwives or doctors told me it was necessary, then I would have one. It was necessary (for the sake of eardrums if nothing else!) so it happened. I don’t think I have ever held onto anything so tightly as I did Matt’s hand as the prep was going on and the epidural going in.

Few hours later, the Syntocin got turned up (it had been turned down between the shower and the epidural) and that’s when things started to go a bit more pear-shaped. The baby started to have decelerations with each contraction. So the Syntocin got turned down and then off. Baby recovered. Syntocin on, baby decelerated. Syntocin down then off, baby wasn’t recovering. Another check: 2-3cm, better effaced. Baby posterior. (Had previously been vertex [on the side, but head down].)

Syntocin back on, more decelerations. Registrar called. Consultant rang. Syntocin down. Theatre called. Another theatre case bumped. Into the lift, down to theatre. Checked in. Matt into scrubs. Hehehe.

Epidural topped up. Could still feel everything. Tongue tingly. Feeling everything. Anxiety increasing. Second anaesthetic consultant called in. Decision made for spinal block to go in. Complications with getting it in (apparently something about the column being swollen and there wasn’t a suitable needle or something, so kept having to resite). Complete numbness from lower ribs down. Massive headache. Nausea (I hadn’t chucked til this point). Up came the prophylactic antibiotic against incision site infection. Yay. Blood pressure dropped. Medication given. Heart rate increased (175). Medication given. Other issues occurring (they didn’t tell me). More medications to counteract each other. Meanwhile incision made. I asked if they had started, Matt said yes. I asked how he knew, and he showed me his blood splattered hand – the first cut made blood splatter over the screen and onto his hand. Baby out. Baby whisked away for a check – perfect. Sewing up commenced. Name decided. Matt trimmed the cord. Baby in Matt’s arms and photos taken. As each doctor left, they came and had a chat. Kinda a little weird knowing them all, and what of me they had seen…

Into recovery. Skin to skin. First feed. Back up to the ward. Into high observation room. Baby dressed. Phone calls made and photos sent.

Matt went home (up to about 0030hrs now). I started coughing up fresh blood (with sliced stomach muscles – fun!!). Baby whisked out to the nurses station. Doctors in to check on me. Pulmonary odeama. (Excessive fluid on the lungs.) Matt called back in (0330hrs). Medication given, coughing settled-ish. Baby back in and Matt on a fold out couch.

The next night baby was coughing blood. Paediatrician called in and checked – amniotic fluid coming up, and it caused rawness and bleeding in her throat, so fresh blood vomit. Baby spent the night at the nurses station do I wouldn’t leap out of bed and do more damage to my belly.

Spent two nights in the high obs room, then moved to one of the private insurance rooms for another two nights before coming home.

Lyla Kate
25th August 2012
Emergency caesarean
Weight: 7lb 5oz (3320g)
Length: 49cm
Head circumference: 35cm