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Attempt 1 at Art Thingos June 13, 2012

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Dummy clips

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The blue is the grosgrain ribbon, and therefore double sided. The pink (while it looks very cute IMHO) is only one sided.


Sew on and Sew on June 12, 2012

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So early May, we purchased a sewing machine. For anyone who knew me in high school (especially), this would be a rather surprising fact. Let’s not talk about the frog that took me over 12 hours to sew (12 hours is being generous) in year 7. Or how I killed my Mum’s sewing machine by altering the tension. Yeah. Sewing machines and I don’t mix well.


So the first few hours after we purchased the machine, there was excitement, and what’s more: success! (ish). I sewed a template skirt out of the white fabric we have metres and metres of from our wedding. It’s not wearable, but it makes for a good template. Plans were made to sew an actual skirt (complete with a belly band – maternity clothes are so expensive!) but then there was an unplanned trip to NSW that put plans on hold for a week. There was one skirt made (wearable!) and then another! Two successful projects – both wearable, even in public!


Two weeks went past with the sewing machine just sitting still on the dining table. Then over the last weekend, inspiration struck, and resources purchased.


Project 1: Dummy Clips. Completely successful right from the word go! I am waiting on some more clips to come from Hong Kong (eBay had them 25 for less than $5, Spotlight stock them 2 for $7-$8. Yeah.) and I have some grosgrain ribbon (slightly more successful, and is a thicker/stronger ribbon) ready to go – all in very girly colours for my niece.


Project 2: Art Folders/Crayon Cases/Drawing Things. I had seen these months and months ago while googling, and had instantly dismissed them because I can’t sew (or couldn’t sew). But with the success of the skirts, I re-thought that instant dismissal, and decided to give them an attempt. Or three.


The third attempt is actually a Christmas gift for another niece (anything girly goes – and she likes snails – or at least used to, I am pretty sure that she still does).


Let’s not talk about the dummy bag that was a dismal failure, but that’s okay, because I have found another tutorial/pattern (that is 11 pages long, complete with coloured pictures) that I am going to attempt, and am hoping for a little more success. Unfortunately the failure of the first bag does mean that I have run out of the fabric I was wanting to use (the pink/purple/white/green/blue/red stripes) but that’s alright. I know where I got it from, and know that they have more. 🙂


So with another 7 (at least) art thingies to make (I want to find some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric for the youngest nephew – any ideas where to source it?), I better not lose momentum!


And I’m really rather grumpy with WordPress because it won’t upload any photos. Hmph. I’ll try again another day.


What Matt discovered this afternoon… May 23, 2012

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Our Grubby baby has ticklish feet!!

Matt was rubbing my belly this afternoon (which actually looks like it is housing a baby today, unlike yesterday), and Grubby was trying to kick his hand in protest.

I hope this child knows what it has started!


Cheeky Cheeky Child April 10, 2012

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At just over 20 weeks gestation, I can tell that this child is going to be a cheeky little one…

It was hiding from the doctor at the antenatal clinic this morning when she was trying to find the heartbeat… After about 8 minutes of searching with the doppler, the doctor gave up and did an ultrasound…

Last Thursday we had the 20 week scan that measures for various conditions (eg cleft palate) and makes sure growth is on track. This scan (if bub is in the right position!) is also when you can find out the sex. Our cheeky child wants to leave us in suspense – it kept its legs very close together, and wasn’t parting them for anything!

Grubby wiggles all day long, but the moment that I go to bed, it seems to think that that is the perfect moment to show off its acrobatic skills… I am sure that it isn’t just punching or kicking my insides at this point – there are enough basically continuous movements to make me think it has prematurely joined the circus…

I know, my mother will tell me that it is just me getting my own back, but really Grubby, do you think you might be able to tone down on the cheeky factor just a little?


Big News January 29, 2012

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So my England-based sister-in-law sent me a facebook message the other day telling me that it had been more than 5 weeks since I had written a blog post, and it was about time that I write again. My response to her that it was hard to write about other news when there is something exciting going on, something that the husband wouldn’t let me share until now…

Yep, that’s a little Grub in that photo of my tum at just over 8 weeks. This baby should be making its entrance late August.


So far I have had a reasonably healthy pregnancy. Earlier this afternoon I would have told you that I only vomit on Fridays, but having tasted my dinner twice, that is no longer true (and I was really enjoying my chicken salad – just not enjoying it enough to want to taste it twice). Nausea has been daily since about 6 and a half weeks, and prior to that (from about week 3 and a half) there was heartburn instead (which I discovered that having too many Fruit Tingles for upsets my fructose malabsorption). I am really craving a ham and tomato sandwich, and tomato and cheese sandwiches aren’t quite cutting it as a substitute. I am repulsed by the thought of takeaway (having just been on a driving holiday for a week -this made life a little interesting), but bread is a great thing. Sleep isn’t occuring enough – it is already rather difficult to roll over in the middle of the night – I wake up every time. Sleeping during the day is rather easy though. My nose has been running like a tap today – not sure if that is because I am returning to work after holidays tomorrow, or my immunity has dropped.


Over the last week we were able to go and celebrate the engagement of one of my friends in Wagga, which fitted really well with a visit to my parents (Mimi and Pa!), and then we went with them to Leura to visit one of Mum’s cousins and her family, and Matt and I took a day trip from their place to visit Simon & Esther and meet our (then) one week old neice, Elizabeth Faith. She was a very good girl and didn’t vomit at all during our visit. Simon managed to cut the end off his finger whilst cooking dinner/dessert with Matt, but no hospital trip was required.

The neice and the bandaged finger.


So that’s the catch up with us. Only a matter of a few hours before we face work again… Holidays never last long enough!!




What a Weekend! December 18, 2011

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Wow! What a weekend!! Busy, not not planned busy.

Friday night we had planned to go out to friends out at Creswick for Matt to do some more joinery on a project he has been working on for them. But when he went home from work sick late morning, the plan for the evening went out the window. I still went out just after work to give their 5 year old her birthday gift, a ballet pencil case and colouring-in pages that she loved.

A quiet evening followed – steak sandwiches for dinner. All good.

An early wake up (not on purpose) on Saturday morning, followed by a lazy morning. Left the house around 11.30ish, went down town, had lunch out (white bread sandwich with hot roast beef, gravy, cheese, tomato and lettuce – yum!!). We then went to the Stewart’s (via the house they have been staying in town at)… Spur of the moment decision to go to Ikea (Selina & I anyway), got back to their house 6 hours later. I spent less than $20!! Home. Sleep.

This morning was Wendouree Baptist Church’s family Christmas service. Matt was singing in the choir, and I was playing (a poor imitation at hitting the right notes, anyway!). Went to the Village for lunch (another sandwich the same as yesterday – it is my favourite sandwich filling combination!), caught up with Al & Cel, went to Kmart and did two wishing tree gifts (hopefully the toys that didn’t fit in the bags don’t get separated – the lovely checkout assistant sticky taped them as best as possible!). Dropped Cel home. Half hour nap. Tupperware team end of year break up. Bunnings. Post office (finally got my parents and my sister & her partner’s gifts into the post!). Phone conversation with my parents. Visit to Matt’s parents. And here we are. Matt and Mum are cooking dinner, and I am writing this on my phone with some kitchen show on in the background. I’m tired.

Back to work tomorrow, 5 work days to go until Christmas (& public holidays – I am on-call Fri-Tues inclusive).

Looking forward to:
Kitch-mas with the Stewart’s and Sanders next Saturday
Sleep ins on the public holidays

Alright, now I am getting frustrated with typing on my phone (that isn’t keeping up with my thought pattern).